Auction of Canadian art and artifacts is a big success!

Today, CBC News is reporting on the successful auction of Canadian art from the estate of Paul Winkworth which occurred yesterday in London, England. Christie's Auction House brought in more than $5 million of proceeds from the sale of many pieces included in the private estate collection of Paul Winkworth.

Mr. Winkworth, a wealthy London stockbroker, began amassing a significant and unparallelled collection of Canadian art many years ago. As a private collector, Mr. Winkworth was also intent on repatriating most of his collection to Canadian museums and galleries. This latest auction from his estate, further completes his repatriation intentions, for all Canadians to enjoy.

The success of the this auction brings considerable heft to the market for Canadian art. Private collectors, corporate collectors, museums and galleries are all now willing to pay significant prices to obtain all types of Canadian art. Perhaps now, the true value of Canadian art is now being realized.