Paul Fournier     " Reef Shallows - Silver", 2008

Westdale Gallery was the first commercial art gallery in Hamilton dating back to 1958. Its distinguished founder Julius Lebow, opened the gallery after a sojourn of art studies in Paris, France. Julius returned to Hamilton and soon acquainted himself with acclaimed Canadian artists like Paul Fournier and George Wallace. He also sold the original works of internationally renowned artists like Picasso, Legere, Miró and Whistler.

His promotion and representation of these and many more artists, quickly earned Julius and his new gallery, a sterling reputation in the eyes of collectors of all types. Following Julius's passing in 1988, his long time friend and student Linda MacRae, assumed ownership of Westdale Gallery. Today, fifty-seven years later, Westdale Gallery continues to work very closely with local artists, to promote their works and the vibrant Hamilton arts community.